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    3 MIN READ

    The Full Moon Gives You a Hangover Every Month

    Randomly sleeping poorly? Mysticism and science suggest the Full Moon could be to blame.

    When you overdo it on the booze, you’re gonna wake up the next day with one hell of a headache. When you drink lots of coffee and ride that caffeine high, there’s gonna be a come down. Hangovers are an inevitable part of life, like death or taxes. So by the same token, if you tap into the power of a Full Moon – a major cosmic event – you may experience some negative side effects the following day.
    We’re looking into what a Full Moon hangover entails, and what can be taken as your spiritual Advil, so to speak.
    What is a full moon hangover?
    During the night of the Full Moon, mystics encourage us to frolic in nature, with crystals and sage sticks in tow, to usher in its powerful energy. It is said, the Full Moon not only charges but empowers these sacred items, its potent rays of light cleansing our bodies and souls. This is traditionally a time for manifesting, performing rituals, and giving thanks. However, once we’ve been supercharged, it’s likely that we’ll then have trouble sleeping. Ever wake up feeling groggy, angsty and maybe even a bit emotional after a Full Moon – especially if your monthly affirmations were tied to matters of the heart? You might have a Full Moon hangover.
    What’s worse, since the energy of the full moon is present in the sky for several nights before and after the moon is at its fullest, this can also mean that the hangover may last longer than an alcohol-induced hangover.
    Science actually supports this theory!
    Think Full Moon hangovers are just a woo-woo theory? Think again! Science totally supports the idea that folks may have trouble sleeping during the night of a full moon, and therefore, may subsequently feel shitty the next day. Researchers from the University of Basel, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology and the Switzerland Centre for Sleep Medicine, studied brain wave activity during different lunar phases and found that different lunar cycles (especially the Full Moon) impact human sleep and melatonin rhythms.
    On average, the subjects of the study took an extra five minutes to fall asleep on the three to four nights surrounding a Full Moon, and they slept for 20 minutes fewer than usual. Not only that, but their ability to enter a deep sleep decreased by 30% during this time, while their melatonin levels were lower and the subjects woke up feeling much less refreshed the next day than they would on most days.
    So there you have it!
    How to cure a Full Moon hangover…
    The good news is that there are a few ways to combat feeling spiritually dusty, so read on, my hungover pal.
    Relaxing teas…
    Struggling to fall asleep after bathing in the gorgeous light of the full moon? Basically any tea that you use to combat insomnia and troubled sleep should be consumed before resting. These include magnolia tea, chamomile tea, lavender tea, passion flower tea or Valerian tea. On the next day, if you’re feeling that Full Moon hangover big time, try sipping on the following for sweet relief: Ginger tea, green tea, turmeric tea, peppermint tea and chamomile tea.
    After channeling all that lunar energy while conducting your Full Moon rituals, your mind is likely to be full of thoughts, powerful ones at that. Try meditating to mellow yourself outl, and allow these heavy thoughts to make their way out of your system and off into the universe. I’ve found that meditation is a fabulous solution to almost anything. No one has ever felt worse after meditating, I’ll tell you that!
    Nourish your soul…
    Now that you’ve read the in’s and out’s of experiencing an inevitable Full Moon hangover, prepare yourself ahead of time for the next one. After all, you stand the risk of catching one once a month. Rather than waking up surprised that you’re feeling icky, stock your shelves with anything that heals and nourishes you in advance. Drink lots of water, brew a tasty broth, have healthy food on-hand so that you can spend the day reflecting on what you wish to manifest next month, all the while nourishing your body, which in turn, will help to nourish your soul.
    I’ve found that you likely won’t get a Full Moon hangover each month, nonetheless, it’s important that you don’t view this period as a burden, but rather as a cooling down period. A sacred time for reflection on what you hope to achieve by the next time the Full Moon rises.