A digital safe space for those seeking deeper connection with themselves and the world around them.


CH-VOID (channel void) began as Australia’s first female-founded independent youth collective exploring progressive conversations, as an antidote to modern dissociation. Since 2020 it has been our purpose to disrupt the media landscape, to create authentic and meaningful connections between the multifacetedness of reality and the omnipresence of the human spirit.


At its core, VOID’s publishing arm is rooted in old wisdom principles of “holding space”, intergenerational story-sharing and universality. In a discourse-laden paradigm, the social principles VOID closely interacts with are intersectionality, regeneration, inclusivity, non-violence and interconnectedness.


VOID SOCIETY (Future Dreamers Society Ltd) preceded VOID publishing. Also founded by Leah Rettenmaier, VOID SOCIETY began as a safe-house for young women in Byron Bay, facilitating developmental experiences and play space to nurture women through formative years. Due to COVID-19, along with the rest of the world, the physical clubhouse space was forced to close in late 2019, pushing the reimagination of SOCIETY and its offerings towards the digital space.


VOID SOCIETY now exists as the ongoing investment into digital and IRL safe structures as VOID’s upholding of its values of intersectionality, regeneration, inclusivity, non-violence and interconnectedness. SOCIETY is funded by a combination of government grants and private donations as well as campaign fundraising contributions. Click here to read more about VOID SOCIETY’s current initiatives and access the donation portal.


Due to the provocative nature of VOID’s publishing house, VOID has a social responsibility to provide its audience with support and restoration pathways. Service Desk (beta), VOID’s curated practitioner marketplace, exists to connect its audience’s needs with expert supply. Click here to enter Service Desk.


We endeavour to use language that promotes gender neutrality and total inclusivity as a reader or viewer. In some cases, there are stories pertaining to vulva-owners or penis-owners where genital specificity is used to expand our understanding of biological processes. There are also instances where femininity and masculinity are discussed as concrete, conditioned ideas, for the purpose of recognising and dismantling patriarchal systems.


If you ever feel you have been excluded from a conversation, we want to hear from you. Email us at sophie@chvoid.com


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[ SHE / HER ]

Oh for goodness sake, I laugh and cry so easily, I couldn’t tell you which I did last or when.

A good old fashioned “boo” never fails. I used to be a cunt addict, but I’m trying to reform.

1/2 heaven + 1/2 hell. I find keeping one foot in each makes for a nice balance.
Lite version me says we are ordering a cab home and some UberEats. Chaos version me says I’m zapping a bottle of tequila to the afters.



[ SHE / HER ]
I literally laugh to the point of tears everyday. 85% of the time it’s my own jokes… but half the photos of my friends never fail to make me laugh.
Definitely fuck. I use it in all waves of emotions and moments. I also find myself substituting fuck for more subtle versions like flimp, or frick. Don’t know how I feel about that.
110% heaven! Don’t think I’d last a day in hell, absolutely not. I wish I had that fire and spice in me, but I’m really just built for heaven.
2 shots of tequila chased with a tequila lemonade.

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