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    Way to glow

    A guide to understanding auras.

    “You have a really great aura.”

    Ever been told this and felt supremely flattered, but also somewhat confused as to what you’re being complimented on? Well, we’re gonna get into exactly what it means in a moment, but let me just start off by saying that if you’ve ever been told that you’ve got a great aura, you should be damn proud of it! To me, this is the highest compliment a person can receive.

    Pretty face? Good kisser? Great dancer? Amazing at assembling a charcuterie board? Who cares about any of that! In my opinion, the greatest attribute a person can have is possessing a strong aura because this goes beyond the physical and the superficial and is a comment on a person’s spirit, which is most important at the end of the day.

    What is an aura?
    An aura is a spiritual energy field that surrounds all living beings. If it’s got a pulse, it’s got an aura. Although auras are invisible to the naked eye, it’s believed that each person has a different coloured aura and each colour represents different attributes (we’ll get to that further on). That being said, while we can’t see auras, we certainly can feel them, hence why people remark that someone’s aura is either glowing, or on the flip side, it may be off and you can sometimes feel that just by looking at the person.

    I mean, the fact that you’re able to pick up on someone’s vibe, often before they even say a word, is surely proof of the aura’s existence, right?

    What does each colour mean?
    The colours of your aura are inextricably linked to the seven chakras: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, and crown. While the definition of each colour can vary depending on who’s interpreting them, here’s a general rundown of what each colour means and which of the seven chakras it’s linked to:

    Linked to your root chakra, a person with a red aura is fiery, passionate and filled with desires. It usually means you’re in the process of manifesting cool stuff into your life and you’re on the verge of a big change.

    Connected to the sacral chakra, orange auras represent creativity and an adventurous spirit. It means you’re in touch with your emotions and sexuality and you’re just an all-around independent badass.

    Sunshiney yellow is related to your solar plexus chakra which points to you being a happy go lucky, optimistic, and bubbly person with a keen creative sense and a unique outlook on the world.

    If your aura is green, it means that you’re a kind, caring, and nurturing person who loves other people and loves love in general, as it’s linked to the heart chakra. You’re also likely to be an empath, so that’s definitely something you should explore.

    Connected to your throat chakra, if your aura is blue, it means you’re very in touch with your intuition, your emotions, and the emotions of others (this also indicates that you may be an empath!). You’re also an expert communicator.

    As purple is connected to the third-eye chakra, people with a purple aura are greatly in touch with their spirituality and have an almost psychic sense of intuition.

    This one is incredibly rare. In fact, it’s the rarest of all the aura colours. It corresponds with the crown chakra and is mostly found in people who are on a higher vibration than others.

    If there are any black elements in your aura, it means you’re harbouring negative thoughts, feelings and emotions, and says you’re carrying a whole lot of baggage. A dark aura is not connected to the chakras, it actually signifies the opposite: it means there’s a blockage in the flow of energy through your chakras.

    People’s auras usually consist of more than one colour, indicating the different elements of your current existence.

    What are the different layers of an aura?
    Just like ogres and onions, auras have various layers that make up that invisible but oh so powerful field of energy that surrounds you. An aura consists of seven layers / bodies / planes, so here’s a rundown of each one:

    The physical aura plane:
    This is the layer closest to our skin that signifies our health and wellbeing.

    The emotional aura plane:
    This layer represents our emotions and how we’re feeling in any given moment. For example, if you’re feeling blue, naturally it’ll be quite noticeable as your aura will consist of faded, sombre energy.

    The mental aura plane:
    This one corresponds with what’s going on inside your mind, it indicates your mental state.

    The astral body aura plane:
    It’s not just your mental and physical health that’s important, but also your spiritual health. This one represents your connection to the spirit.

    The etheric aura plane:
    As we’ve now reached the more spiritual side of things, this one corresponds with your psychic abilities (remember, this isn’t just for professional psychics – all humans possess psychic abilities). If your etheric aura plane is strong, you’ll find it easier to tap into your psychic abilities and read other peoples’ energy.

    The celestial aura plane:
    The plane of enlightenment, consisting of your dreams, intuition and all kinds of powerful vibes.

    The causal aura plane:
    The final plane is called the casual aura plane, which is the cherry on top of the aura and acts as the glue that holds it all together.

    How can people see them?
    Have you ever looked in the mirror and swore that you saw a light surrounding you? Well, you were pretty much catching a glimpse of your aura! If you practice deep meditation, focus and visualisation, you may be able to see glimmers of colour in the mirror.

    Aura readers also recommend rubbing your hands together to create friction, then slowly waving them before you in front of a mirror and squinting to see if colours show up. Again, auras are invisible to the naked eye, so it’ll take lots of skill and practice to master the art of viewing your aura.

    In the meantime, I recommend seeing an aura reader. Experienced aura readers have special methods of not just viewing your aura, but photographing it as well. Most aura readers do this by using an electromagnetic field imaging camera that captures your aura, so you end up with a photo of yourself with bright, coloured light surrounding it.

    Do a Google search to see if there are any aura readers in your area, I’ve been to one before and it’s an amazing experience!

    How to cleanse your aura
    Seen your aura and don’t like what you see? There are plenty of mystical methods that cleanse your aura. Here are just a few:

    + Sageing / smudging yourself
    + Sound baths
    + Submerging yourself in natural water
    + Sunbaking
    + Meditation
    + Visiting an energy healer

    And finally, much like how we as people change over time, so too does our aura. Your colour won’t stay the same forever. As we have different encounters and experiences, our aura colour alters to suit where we’re at in life at any given point, mentally, physically, and, most importantly, spiritually.