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    Re-imagining safe spaces.


    Society is a DGR-1 registered charity, mobilised to actualize the concept of safe spaces. Society exists to create emotionally supported digital and IRL environments for young people to gather within and exchange ideas, just as people have done for hundreds of years before us. Society’s aim is to create a lasting infrastructure that supports mental and emotional well-being, to empower individuals to inhabit their identity, fostering relationships in non-violent and joyful ways.


    With your support, we create infrastructure in the community to strengthen safe spaces and architect new ones. Our previous projects include rapid community support in the 2022 NSW Floods and the Only Loving Sex education program designed to reduce sexual harm through proactive cultural awareness. Our current initiatives are listed below and are open to all tax-deductible funding contributions. Donate below or get in contact with us to discuss corporate and larger scale sponsorship opportunities.


    Self-Service textline exists to disrupt social systems of privilege that disempower young people from accessing professional help. Through the Self-Service initiative, young people in Australia, the US and the UK are able to receive free relationship advice and increase their autonomy through SMS. Designed as a preventative mechanism for mental health crises, Self-Service connects young people with our support team in a non-intimidating manner, providing them with practical tools and professional perspective on relationship matters within 5 working days. Currently, VOID’s support team is led by Poppy Sloan, somatic healer and youth counsellor.


    The Only Loving Sex consent education podcast exists to disrupt a universal lack of sex education and the resulting prevalence of unfulfilling and at worst, destructive sexual experiences. Through the Only Loving Sex audio experience, young people are able to re-imagine their relationship with themself and others under a safe, sex-positive light. The conversational podcast featuring members of VOID’s counselling team, Poppy Sloan and Kassandra Mourikis, offers young people perspective and practical tools to reduce harm and promote sexual wellbeing. Currently, Only Loving Sex Season 1, Episodes 1-8 are free to access streaming on Spotify and Apple Podcasts.


    Amplify exists to disrupt binary and polarising social structures that remove young people from opportunity and financial empowerment. Through the Amplify program artists from disadvantaged groups are awarded production and marketing grants as well as venue sponsorship to bring their art to life in front of their community.


    Currently, VOID works in partnership with independent art initiatives centred around LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC communities in New York and Australia.


    In New York we are proud to call the Bowery Poetry Club our home of events. The Bowery Poetry Club is one arm of Bowery Arts & Science, a 501(c)3 nonprofit arts organization established in 2002, committed to the public programming of poetry, language and performance.


    The Guardians of Purpose framework and panel exists to disrupt oppressive systems intertwined with corporation and publishing. Through the Guardians of Purpose program, young activists from diverse backgrounds are professionally consulted to audit CH-VOID and its outputs, under the lens of identifying barriers to regeneration. The Guardians of Purpose framework makes recommendations and adjustments to CH-VOID’s programming, products and partnership portfolio to minimise oppressive mechanisms and aim for equity, inclusion and empowerment for all communities. The rotating panel comprises young individuals who identify as LGBTQIA+, BIPOC and First Nations.

    + 2000 Homes (2022 NSW flood recovery)

    The mission is to alleviate the mid to long term housing crisis in the Northern Rivers created by:


    i) the pre-existing and exacerbated diminished housing supply
    ii) inability to rebuild in flood prone areas and
    iii) lack of insurance home-owning flood victims possess due to high premiums.

    Society’s aim is to create an appropriate housing model for the ongoing recovery and restoration phases of the Northern Rivers community rebuild following the 2022 NSW floods that saw an additional 10,000 people left houseless and/or displaced. The challenge is to provide climate adaptive modular, moveable, quality housing solutions in safe community structures.

    for love notes, affirmations, launch announcements etc.

    Fill in the boxes that represent your information love languages. 
    by signing up, you acknowledge that you are over 16.*