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    Sex positions by star sign

    Ever wondered what your star sign says about your sex life?

    Ever wondered what your star sign says about your sex life? Here is a few tips on how to spice things up in the bedroom and try new sex positions. Lovehoney, has put together a definitive list of sex positions to try, based on your star sign. So, does your star sign align with your taste in the bedroom?


    Position: Standing

    How to do it: The standing position is simple and satisfying. Simply bend over and have your partner enter you from behind, using furniture to support if needed. For an extra thrill, add some clit stimulation (either from yourself, your partner or a clitoral vibrator – take your pick!) to go from zero to woah.

    Why: A fire sign, your typical Aries is bold and ambitious. So when it comes to bedroom antics, they like things hard, fast and passionate. Ideal for the impulsive Aries and perfect for a quickie, the standing position can be done any time and any place.



    Position: Missionary

    How to do it: Missionary gets a bad rep for being ‘basic’, but it’s a classic sex position for a reason. It’s pretty simple –  lie down while your partner goes on top and sets the pace. Top tip: press your legs together in missionary and everything will be more enhanced.

    Why: Typical Taureans are the most sensual of the star signs and like the finer things in life. Intimacy and eye-contact are important to these earth signs, making the missionary position an all-round winner. Just add massage candles, soft lighting and plenty of neck kisses.



    Position: Reverse Cowgirl 

    How to do it: With the man lying on his back with his legs straight, sit on top with your back to him and knees bent. Once in position, simply hold on tight, take control and start having fun. 

    Why: Enthusiastic and impulsive, Geminis are energetic lovers who are curious and adventurous. The reverse cowgirl allows Geminis to take control, but don’t get too comfortable, Geminis are known to keep changing positions to keep things spicy.


    Position: Spooning

    How to do it: Super comfortable and natural, who doesn’t love a good spoon? Lie on your side with your partner lying behind you and get in position so he can enter you from behind. Perfect for slow, morning sex.

    Why: Loyal and emotional, Cancerians love to be intimate with cuddles and affection. So, it comes as no surprise that the Cancer sex position is a good old fashioned spoon, combining both cuddling and sex to make them feel calm and protected.


    Position: The Wheelbarrow

    How to do it: So just how do you wheelbarrow in the bedroom?! Get your partner to stand behind you whilst you lie down on your front with your forearms on the floor, face down. Lean on your strengthened palms with your legs wrapped around the man’s waist… It’s that simple.

    Why: All hail Leos, the kings and queens of the jungle. Theatrical and passionate, Leos love to put on a show, which is why the wheelbarrow ticks all the boxes for some dramatic love-making.


    Position: Doggy Style

    How to do it: Doggy by name, doggy by nature. Just like it says in the name, get on all fours, and have your partner kneel behind you, with his upper body straight up or slightly bent over you for the ultimate deep penetration.

    Why: Virgos are practical and logical, as well as kind and gentle lovers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a wild side. Virgos enjoy regular sex and exploring their kinky side, so doggy style with a little light spanking or a blindfold will really shake things up.


    Position: 69

    How to do it: Start with the man lying down flat on his back. Then, slowly climb on top so that you’re facing away from your partner. Your vagina should be lined up with your partner’s mouth, with his genitals lined up with yours. After this, you’re good to go and the sensual oral fun can begin.

    Why: Libras seek out balance and harmony, which is why a beautifully balanced 69 is their perfect go-to sex position. Libras are experimental and willing to give anything a go, so keep a mini vibrator handy for extra pleasure in addition to tongue action.


    Position: Classic Cowgirl

    How to do it: Scorpios, get on top! To do the classic cowgirl, ask your man to lie down, then place your knees on either side of their hips and then lower your body until you’re as deep as you like. The key is to just have fun and go at a speed and pace you’re comfortable with.

    Why: An erotic water sign, Scorpios are the sign most closely associated to sex. Scorpios crave physical closeness and emotional intimacy and get aroused by dominance and submission. Being on top gives Scorpios a sense of power and they like to control the rhythm, making the classic cowgirl their sex position of choice. Add in some light bondage to take things up a level.


    Position: Against the Wall

    How to do it: For this position, simply have your partner hold you up against the wall (or tree if you’re wanting an outdoor adventure) for a steamy sex session.

    Why: Sagittarians are typical thrill-seekers who are born to explore and are always on a quest for something new and exciting. They’re also lovers of the great outdoors, which makes this versatile position and these fiery signs a match made in orgasmic heaven.


    Position: The Lotus

    How to do it: Straight out of the book of Kama Sutra, to nail the lotus, the man sits with his legs crossed whilst you straddle him, wrapping your legs around his waist. Use the headboard or walls around you to get your rhythm going.

    Why: Ambitious, persistent and driven, Capricorns love a good bedroom work-out that pushes themselves to the limit, which is why the lotus is their dream sex position. Build up the intensity for a session that’ll leave you both worn out for the right reasons.


    Position: Face Sit

    How to do it: Have your partner lay on their back with a pillow propping their head up, then straddle their face with one leg either side of it. Finally, gently ease your body down and have them perform oral sex.

    Why: An air sign, Aquarians are independent, easy-going and assertive. The face sit position is sexy and empowering, giving them control and guaranteed pleasure. Go on Aquarians, give it a go.


    Position: Shower Sex

    How to do it: Depending on your shower size, shower sex can be achieved in many different way, it’s all about getting creative. Try up against the wall or use ledges and props you can to give you a helping hand, just try not to fall over!

    Why: As a romantic, imaginative and pleasure-seeking water sign it makes complete sense that Pisceans should be at one with the water world and explore shower sex in 2020. Splash out on some waterproof toys (N.B. sex toys, not bath toys) for a slippery slidey good time.