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    Watching over

    A divine guide to angel numbers.

    Many spiritual topics are polarising for people of different faiths as well as the sceptics among us. But one thing that I find most people can agree upon is the existence of angels, or at least, divine powers that are designed to protect us.

    Unlike what you see in the movies, angels don’t appear to us in physical form in a shining beam of light with large, glorious wings. Instead, they send subtle signs down to earth to let us know that they’re watching over and to guide us in our everyday lives.
    One such way is through the use of numbers, otherwise known as angel numbers. Here, we’re going to go through the meaning of angel numbers and the message that each one entails, because if there were ever a time that the world needed divine assistance from the angels, it’s now!


    Are there times where you swear you keep seeing the same number or the same set of numbers everywhere you look? Well, that’s an angel number, my friend – a sign from above. They’re usually repeating numbers (111) and each one means something different, we’ll get into that in a bit!


    It usually means that you’re in need of some guidance and the angels are sending you this specific number so that you can interpret its meaning and suss what they’re trying to tell you. It’s also a means of comforting you and letting you know that you’re being protected, which is why we usually see angel numbers when we need them most.


    Angel numbers usually appear as a set of the same number, such as 1, 11, 111, 1111 etc. Seeing any individual number or any combination of numbers is a powerful sign from above and needs to be taken seriously.

    Here’s what each number means.

    1. The angels see you and hear you. You’re either moving or about to move into a new phase and they will be by your side the whole way.

    2. Don’t be closed off to new possibilities. Free your mind and the sky will open up, and opportunities will fall into your lap. This is also a sign of two things coming together; perhaps meeting someone new, reconnecting with an old friend, or joining something (like a team or a new job or something of this nature). It’s also a sign to stop freaking out!

    3. One of the most divine numbers, any combination of 3 indicates that the elder angels are by your side. They are telling you to stay strong and trust your intuition.

    4. You are being surrounded by a circle of angels who are telling you to ground yourself because something is about to come to an end and balance will soon be restored.

    5. Associated with transformation, this number indicates that major changes are coming, so hold on tight and embrace what’s to come. Your angels have your back!

    6. Although 666 has often been associated with the devil, it also has a place in angel numbers. This number is a sign that you’ve been searching for answers in all the wrong places. While you were thinking outside the box, the answers you’ve been seeking have been within all along, right in front of you. Refocus your thoughts and intentions and you’ll reach a conclusion.

    7. As they say, 7 is a lucky number, and as such, seeing 7 is an indication that luck is on your side! It’s also a sign from above that you need to get in touch with your spirituality. The 7s remind you of your connection to all kinds of magic and ask you to use your abilities and divine intuition to help with whatever you’re going through.

    8. You’ll usually see 8s when a certain period in your life is coming to an end. This is a sign to let go and believe that this cycle needed to wrap up. It’s also been known to symbolise a financial upturn.

    9. You are so close to finishing something and the angels are telling you not to give up and to keep kicking on.

    10. You are exactly where you’re meant to be right now. You’re killing it, you’re being recognised in your field, and you’re about to level up to something brilliant.

    11. A sign of new beginnings, any combination of 0 means you’re in need of a fresh start. It’s also a reminder that we create our own destiny.

    Anytime you see an angel number, just know that you’re not alone and your spirit guides are keeping a watchful eye over you. They’ve sent you this number to give you the strength to keep going and to remind you that everyone’s gonna be okay.