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    4 MIN READ

    Moon magic

    How to channel each lunar phase to manifest good shit in our lives.

    There’s a reason why people pay such close attention to the phases of the moon and no, it’s not just because full moons look pretty on your Instagram Story. Like the phases of the moon rule the tides, they’re also believed to affect our lives in different ways. It’s a proven fact that more bonkers shit happens on and around the full moon, but that’s not the only phase we should be paying attention to. The new moon, waxing moon and waning moon can also impact us. Plus, each lunar phase bears its own potent energy that we can channel when trying to manifest.

    Here, I’ve broken down each moon phase to explain what you’re in for when it rises and how to tap into the magic it’s radiating to bring your goals to life.



    Alrighty, let’s start with the big boi, the full moon, which is, of course, believed to be the most powerful time of the month.

    How it impacts your mood_

    When the full moon rises, you’re sure to feel more on edge and anxious because this is when your emotions rise up to the surface and must be dealt with. On the flip side, once you’ve dealt with those emotions and have released all the pent-up angst, you’ll feel incredibly powerful and on your game.

    What kinds of stuff to manifest_

    Charging, cleansing, protection (of oneself or home), career advancement, enhancing psychic abilities, general good luck.

    A full moon manifestation ritual: For power_

    You will need:

    + A cup of water
    + All the crystals you own


    At the first sight of the moon, stare at it for several moments and ponder its energy. Concentrate on what you wish to manifest. Fill a cup with water and place it on a windowsill where the moon will touch it and infuse the liquid with the full moon’s essence. Place all the crystals you own beside the cup. The next morning, drink the full moon-infused water. It would also be beneficial for you to carry at least one of the charged crystals with you while keeping the others in various spots around your home.


    The New Moon

    Next up we’ve got the new moon which is where we end up when the moon has completed its full cycle and starts over again for another lap around the sky.

    How it impacts your mood.

    Things are usually quite chill around the new moon period because all the chaos of the previous phases have simmered down and we’re literally starting anew. There’s a freshness in the air, positive energy, optimism and hope for the future.

    What kinds of stuff to manifest.

    Wish fulfilment, new beginnings, sweet dreams, new home space, new career, increased cash flow, better health.

    New moon manifestation ritual: For wish fulfilment

    You will need:

    + Bay leaves
    + Matches
    + White Candles


    Light the white candles and sit with them. Contemplate the flames and focus on the wish that you want to bring to life. Write your wishes down on bay leaves, one leaf for each wish. It’s believed that bay leaves help our wishes to reach the spirit realm where they will be answered by entities on the other side. Burn the leaves. Bury the ashes. Wait for your wishes to be fulfilled.


    The Waxing Moon

    Before the moon becomes full, it’s called a waxing moon as it’s gaining momentum and making its way towards that big, beautiful sphere.

    How it impacts your mood.

    As the moon is on its way to full power, you will also be determined now more than ever to get shit done and accomplish the goals you’ve set. There’ll be a sense of drive and determination in your spirit and a fire in your belly. Just don’t allow fear to creep in! Believe in your capabilities and power through.

    What kinds of stuff to manifest.

    Acing exams, kicking goals at work, improving your relationships, successful dates, finding lost items.

    Waxing moon manifestation ritual: For love

    You will need:

    + A piece of paper
    + A pen
    + A fireproof bowl
    + Matches
    + A red candle
    + Rose petals
    + A box
    + A red ribbon


    Light the red candle. Write your intended lover’s name on the sheet of paper while focusing on them and envisioning your future together. Write your name over their name. Light the paper on fire and place it in a bowl of rose petals. Gather up the ashes and rose petals and keep them in a box. Seal the box shut with the ribbon and keep it somewhere safe.


    The Waning Moon

    After the moon is full, it gradually returns to a new moon and while it’s in that part of its journey, it’s called a waning moon.

    How it impacts your mood.

    Following the intensity of the full moon, you’ll be in a bit of a slump as it’s going from a high to a low. Combat this moon hangover, so to speak, by instead focusing on ridding yourself of whatever’s weighing you down, from bad habits to toxic people.

    What kinds of stuff to manifest.

    Releasing bad energy, breaking bad habits, banishing toxic people, calming anxiety, stopping gossip, lies and slander.

    Waning moon manifestation ritual: For banishing

    You will need:

    + An apple
    + A mint leaf
    + A piece of paper
    + A pen
    + A black ribbon
    + A knife
    + A black candle


    Light the black candle. Take the apple and slice it in half so that the centre is clearly visible. Take the leaf and rub one half of the apple on the inside where the centre is, all the while visualising a person, habit or situation that you wish to banish. Then write it down explicitly on the paper – the more specific the better. Fold the paper and place it in between the apple pieces. Stick the skewer through the apple so that it’s stuck back together. Tie it with the black ribbon, focusing on your intention as you knot it. Bury the apple in the ground and when it rots, so too will your troubles.


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