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    Rituals of the soul

    How to clear obstacles from your path

    Life is full of many paths and opportunities, but by the same token, it’s also filled with many obstacles that block your path when you least expect it. At one moment, you’ll be killing it at life, and the next thing you know, you’re stuck and unable to move forward.
    These spells and rituals help break through those blockages whenever you’re feeling trapped, so that you may proceed down the path that’s destined for you.

    General purpose unblocking spell

    Sometimes you can’t actually put your finger on what’s wrong with you, it just seems like there’s a blockage mentally, physically, emotionally and / or spiritually. For those instances, cast this general purpose unblocking spell to remove the blockage and allow your soul to roam free.
    You will need:
    *A white candle
    *A shovel
    Preparation: At night time, light a white candle and write all your troubles down on paper. Be as specific and detailed as possible when describing why you feel blocked. When you’re done, read what you’ve written out loud so that the spirits see and hear you. Burn the paper, then bury the ashes.


    Unblocking ritual for creativity

    As a creative myself, I know how damn frustrating it is when you’re on a roll with something, then suddenly you hit a wall and can no longer proceed, whether it’s your full time creative job or a side hustle.
    This spell calls upon Brigid, the Celtic goddess of human creativity and inspiration, to end the blockage and allow creativity to flow through you (I recommend doing some Googling and familiarising yourself with Brigid before casting this spell so you know who you’re summoning).
    You will need:
    *A selection of candles
    *Moon water
    *Images of cows, pigs and / or bees
    Preparation: Create an altar somewhere within your workspace to petition the Celtic goddess Brigid. Build the altar using any selection of candles you like, along with full moon-charged water, and images of the aforementioned animals that are believed to call down Brigid. Light the candles while you work and focus on pushing through the blockages, guided by Brigid’s wisdom and inspiration.


    Unblocking ritual for communication

    When what’s standing in your way isn’t your blockage but rather someone else’s, use this spell to unblock their mind and help them be more open to a constructive discussion.
    You will need:
    *A skull candle in the colour that suits your situation (if it’s a lover, choose red, if it’s a colleague / boss, choose green etc.)
    *Carving tool
    *Baby, castor or jojoba oil
    Preparation: Combine equal parts of each of the dry ingredients into a mortar and pestle. Grind. Add the oil and stir so the elements combine. Decant your oil into a jar. Carve the skull with the blocked person’s name and date of birth. Anoint it with the oil. Light the candle, and by the time it has burned all the way down, their mind will be unblocked and ready to hear you.


    Unblocking ritual for emotional constipation

    Don’t laugh, it’s a real thing! When people repress their emotions, usually due to previous relationship trauma, it can become difficult for them to show affection towards others, and so that person comes across as cold and mean, when really, they’re just scarred from past experiences. This ritual unblocks that build-up of emotions and allows them to get in touch with their feelings and express them.
    You will need:
    *Black obsidian
    *A white piece of paper
    *A pen
    Preparation: Write the person’s name, date of birth, and a description of their blockage on paper. Take the black obsidian, a crystal used to heal emotional wounds, break bad habits and clear emotional blockages, and place it on top of the paper. Leave it overnight. The next day, either gift the stone to the person whose emotions are blocked and have them carry it, or quietly keep it somewhere they will frequently pass so that the crystal’s energy shines on them and helps to open their heart.


    Spell to unblock a situation

    Is there a certain situation that’s blocking you from achieving success and happiness? This spell targets the situation and removes it from your path.
    You will need:
    *A quartz crystal
    *An altar
    Preparation: Either build or select an altar (it can be as detailed and specific as Brigid’s altar, which you can find under Unblocking Ritual For Creativity, or it can simply be the place where you keep your crystals and mystic items). Take the crystal and hold it in your hands, focusing on the situation that’s blocking you. Leave it on the altar overnight to charge. Carry it with you wherever you go, recharging it with your intention and leaving it on the altar periodically.