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    3 MIN READ

    The ties that bind

    When someone has wronged you, we prescribe a binding spell.

    When someone has wronged you, the healthy thing to do is to wish them well. As the old saying goes, ‘Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies.’
    But what happens when you’re ready to forgive and forget but they just won’t leave you alone?
    We prescribe a binding spell, a renowned ritual that restricts negative energy from impacting you. It does not harm the intended person or cause them any ill will, it just ties their hands behind their back, figuratively speaking, so they can no longer mess with you.
    With any binding spell, the most important component is the act of binding your item with the string or ribbon and knotting it at the end. Be sure to put extra focus and intent into what you’re trying to achieve during the knotting process as this is the pièce de résistance of binding magic.


    Binding spell to stop negative behaviour

    Is someone exhibiting shitty behaviour that’s impacting your life? Have you tried to get them to stop but they just won’t? This binding spell targets the specific behaviour and puts a stop to it.
    You will need:
    *A piece of black string
    *A piece of white paper
    *A black pen
    Preparation: Write a description of the person’s negative behaviour on paper, using as much detail as possible. Be sure to write their full name, your full name, and explain what they’ve done, how it’s impacted you and why it must stop. When you feel that you’ve sufficiently recounted the situation, fold the paper until it’s a tiny square. Wrap the folded paper in the string, focusing your intent as you tie the knot. Keep it in a safe place and ensure that the knot remains bound, so this person’s behaviour is also bound.


    Binding spell to break your enemy’s hold over you

    When someone does us dirty, especially someone we trusted, it can take over our every thought and become all-consuming. This binding spell frees you from this person and eliminates their power over you. It has an incantation component, so be sure to speak with force and intent to manifest your desire.
    You will need:
    *A photo of your target
    *A piece of white paper
    *A black pen
    *White ribbon
    *A white candle
    Preparation: Light the candle, then write your target’s name multiple times on the sheet of paper, focusing on how they’ve wronged you. Write your name on top of theirs, effectively crossing them out and assuring that you remain on top in this situation. Take the photo and the sheet of paper, and tie them together with the white ribbon until it’s covered. As you do, chant the following incantation:
    I bind you [name of target]
    Your power over me will cease.
    I bind you [name of target]
    This is my release.
    Repeat the chant 10 times, looking into their face in the picture until it’s covered. Then tie the ribbon into a knot, focusing on knotting your intention. Keep it somewhere safe.


    Binding spell to stop someone from sharing your secret

    Have you shared information with a loose-lipped person and you’re afraid they’re going to out you? This binding spell is intended to sew the untrustworthy person’s lips shut, so to speak, and stop your secret from being spread to the universe.
    You will need:
    *A poppet
    *A piece of red string
    *A white cloth
    Preparation: You must first create a poppet to represent the loose-lipped person (a poppet is a doll that symbolises the target of your spell). To do this, you can use clay, wax, cloth, even paper – as long as you can form it into a doll-like figure. Inscribe the target’s first and last name onto the poppet. Then take the red string and wrap it around the poppet, starting from the head. Make several laps around the head, focusing on their lips being sealed. Then thread the entire poppet until it’s covered. Tie a knot around the doll, putting extra thought and intention into the ritual as you tie the knot. Wrap the poppet in white cloth and keep it in a safe space. As long as the poppet is bound, your secrets shall be safe.


    Binding spell to stop an ex-lover from wanting you

    Sometimes exes are like cockroaches and even though you’ve stomped on them (a.k.a. broken up with them), they just keep coming back and won’t leave you alone. This spell breaks the romantic bond and should stop them from bothering you.
    You will need:
    *A brown piece of paper
    *A red pen
    *2 pieces of black string
    *A poppet
    *A photo of your ex
    *A jar with a lid
    *Black salt
    *Cayenne pepper
    *Dirt from a threshold or gate
    Preparation: Write your ex’s full name and date of birth on the paper, focusing on how they have wronged you. Fold the paper until it’s a small square, then wrap it in string. Put the paper in a jar and add all the other ingredients on top of it (use your intuition in terms of measurements). When you’re done, seal the jar shut, and tie the rim of the jar with another piece of black string. Keep it in a safe, dark place.

    + IMAGERY: @zhonglin_