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    Using the sky to map our human selves. 

    For centuries, humans have been looking to the stars for guidance: navigational and spiritual. While the ancient practice of astrology has weathered different changes in public opinion over the years, as of the past decade, the star and planetary study is definitively in.

    But real astrology is so much more than a talking point on a date or an excuse one gives to justify a prickly character trait: it’s a nuanced science. One which astrologer Sara Elise has devoted herself to.

    After a particularly powerful Pluto’s transit, the Toronto-based practitioner left her a career in corporate marketing to pursue the study of astrology, in all its forms. Elise holds certificates from several reputable schools, and has since used astrology as a method through which to help countless clients better understand their consciousness, discover their true path in life and begin to unravel their complex psyches.

    Here, the Transformational Evolutionary astrologer chats with CH-V about her practice.

    When did you first discover astrology?

    My discovery of astrology corresponded to an awakening I experienced when I was 21. My entire life changed at that time. I went from being this non-normal messed up kid… to realizing that “reality” is far more complex than our “system” or culture was acknowledging at that time.

    I woke up to my own soul-self, my multidimensional self, my psychic abilities… all of it at once.

    What are some surprising things your practice has taught you over the years?

    It has taught me that we are all here for the same essential reason – to fall in love with ourselves and, as a natural consequence of that, with each other. Not that Hallmark Card kind of love, but real substantial higher love. Compassionate love. Forgiveness love. Wisdom love. Acceptance love. Astrology has this spooky power to help us see our beauty. By looking ourselves straight in the face we begin to accept who we are from this place of love and acceptance. And this starts to impact every part of our life.

    What would you say to the astrologer doubters who think it’s all BS?

    I have given plenty of readings to very successful, very smart humans (mostly corporate or scientifically minded ones) who thought at the beginning of our session that astrology was BS. Inevitably, by the end of our time together, I get comments like, “I wish I’d done this 20 years ago!”

    I don’t really have to say much to these people up front… all they have to do is sit with me, come along for the ride, and the experience speaks for itself.

    Can you walk us through what a typical session with you might look like?

    We first confirm the birth data. Then we take a look at some key dates, then we just dive in. I begin by sharing what stands out to me and we start having a conversation. It usually feels natural, like hanging out with a good friend. Sometimes it feels like a therapy session, sometimes a coaching session, sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry. It is different every time and totally depends on the individual and what they need.

    Overall, I have a light touch – I don’t push.

    What kind of skills or elements of oneself might an astrology reading reveal?

    It can reveal personality strengths and weaknesses, it can reveal someone’s elemental constitution and “missing element.” It can reveal the deep lessons someone is here to learn and the path of least resistance for learning them. It can reveal the timing of lessons or opportunities. It can reveal things like relationship style, suitable career or earthly/material pursuits, communication style, etc. I can answer lots of different questions, and I particularly like the super deep psychological stuff… the stuff we all wrestle with. I call it the basement room. Ah, I love that basement room! I open up the windows, bring in the light, and turn on the music.

    People generally feel great when we’re done.


    What’s your sign?

    I am a Gemini Sun, Capricorn Moon and Gemini Rising. There are 3 signs that form the basic structure of our personality, rather than just one.

    What’s the last thing that made you laugh? Cry?

    This morning I had a bit of a joy cry while I was on a dog walk because the sky was so beautiful over the majestic Lake Ontario that it moved me to tears… as I thought what a glorious planet we live on, and how lucky we are.

    For misery crying, I’ve been crying lately because of how climate change is impacting people around the world. I feel a pain for the suffering of innocence, you know?

    Favourite curse word?

    Fuck. It says it all.

    If you could have any other name, what would it be?

    I’ve never considered another.

    It’s last call at the bar: what are you ordering?

    Gin and tonic, with lime.

    Sara Elise’s astrology expertises will be offered virtually through CH-VOID’s soon to be launched Service Desk. To learn more about her practice, check out her website.