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    Language as the vehicle for intention.

    If we think about language as the vehicle for intention, every word that we use suddenly becomes a precious jewel; each sentence a string of jewels; each conversation a treasure trove of value, and beauty.

    Of course most of us use language all day, every day, either out loud in conversations with each other, or silently, internally. And all of this use means the sacredness of language gets lost. We can be forgiven for forgetting the power words hold, and for ignoring their power, often at our own expense.

    The word ‘spell’ in magic spell, comes from the early Germanic word ‘spel,’ meaning to tell a story; it means storytellingMagic Spells literally create new worlds that we are able to step into. We also use the word spell to talk about the piecing together of a word – we spell it out – creating language. Spelling in this way only began in the 16th century, before that words were written in any way that felt right, there was no standardisation of spelling, or agreement on the meaning of certain words before spelling came along.

    This connection between storytelling and word-making is no coincidence – these words are the same because they are doing the same thing – piecing together a new word/world. And magickal practitioners have always known this. The spelling of the word magic has its own unique story too – practitioners of occult magick add a k to the end of the word to distinguish it from the sort of ‘magic’ connected with sleight-of-hand trickery, and pulling rabbits from hats.

    When we think of magick spells, a magickal incantation is very often at the heart. The word ‘incantation’ comes from the Latin Incantare meaning to consecrate with spells or words, often meaning to sing, or recite. When we consecrate something we make it sacred, special. When we use an incantation we are singing a new story into existence.

    So if we are to pay particular attention to the power of language to create new worlds, the first question should be:

    “Which worlds are we creating with our language?”

    The second question should be:

    “How can we use our language to create the worlds we want? What is powerful incantation to use, to sing the new worlds we want, into existence?”

    Without doubt the most important magick spell you will ever cast is the spell you cast over yourself throughout the day; and this is the language you use to talk to yourself, describe yourself, and talk about what you are experiencing.

    Language holds meaning, and it holds energy. One word said in three different ways will hold three totally different energies – the word itself is not enough to be a spell; it can only be the vehicle for the spell. True magic is the communication of intention; of energy from one space to another. This is why affirmations are such a powerful form of magick work – when created correctly, and used regularly, they hold the power to shift worlds.

    So, if the most powerful spells are the words we use to talk to ourselves, choosing a carefully curated collection of these words is a direct and instantly accessible form of magick. Let us create these magick sentences together, now.

    To create a powerful affirmation, the sentence you write must be specific, present tense, and describe the world you want to will into existence. So for example if I was struggling with a fear of being seen, or with a persecution complex, I might state ‘I am fucking wonderful and people adore me!’

    If I was ready to step into a world where I was paid fairly and generously for my labour I might state ‘The people I work with feel truly blessed to know me, and pay me generously for my time.’

    Although affirmations are powerful when spoken silently to the self, they are also powerful ways to speak into existence the world we want to inhabit – saying certain phrases or sentences that we want to be true for us, as if they are already true, literally creates a world where these things are true. From an esoteric understanding, speaking these words out loud literally pulls us closer to the universe where they are already true.

    Try it for yourself; identify a powerful desire, and formulate a sentence in the present tense that encapsulates that desire, as if it were already the case. Say it out loud, many times, until it feels true and believable. Really good affirmations feel slightly uncomfortable to start with; if we already believed the sentences we created as goals, we wouldn’t need the affirmations.

    Once you have your affirmation/s, repeat them three times , three times a day. Out loud ideally, but silently internally is good too. Within a month expect to see radical changes in your life connected directly to these statements. Keep a record too – magick loves recognition; the more you acknowledge the magick working the more it works.