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    4 MIN READ

    Attuning to the Unseen

    Who answers calls to angel numbers?

    In the past five years, our fascination as a collective with the intersection between purpose and higher powers has seen the rise of Witchtok, the domination of self-reflective spirituality in meme culture and an overarching acceleration of faith into spirituality. Where the oneness between reality and the spiritual world is deeply rooted in Eastern and Indigenous belief systems, early Western suppression forced much of the exploration of alternative self-practices underground, to be dubbed as “esoteric”. As modern religious institutions like the church lose their influence to an empowerment of the voice within, we peer into a new chasm. One where evangelical references of angels are being repurposed from outdated storyscapes and given new life as legitimate forces of protection, guidance and wisdom in spirituality. Widely and lovingly referred to as Spirit Guides, we speak to our resident witch Dr Kate Tomas about these forces of good that we have been calling on with 11:11 wishes since humanity started needing miracles.
    What exactly are spirit guides? Can they be loved ones who have passed or are they beings we’ve never met? Does everyone have them?
    There are almost infinite answers to this question, depending on the spiritual tradition one is part of. My spiritual lineage is part of the Western Esoteric Tradition, and as such I was taught that Spirit Guides are distinct beings that have lived countless human lives. Through these lives, they gained huge wisdom and experience. Instead of reincarnating for another earthly life, they stay disincarnated and work with other less experienced souls, to guide and help them through their human life.
    For this reason, Spirit Guides are rarely- if ever- loved ones who have died. That’s not to say our ancestors are not (or cannot be) essential spiritual guides for us, just that they are not the same as ‘Spirit Guides’. Everyone has Spirit Guides, they chose us to assist before we were born, and there’s nothing you could ever do to harm the relationship you have with them.
    Can we choose our spirit guides? Will they change over time depending where we’re at in life?
    I believe that we did choose our Spirit Guides, or rather we all agreed to work together before this incarnation. I also understand that we have multiple different Spirit Guides, only some of whom we are aware of at any one time. It’s not that our Guides change as we change, rather that certain Guides may show themselves at certain times, depending on what and who we need.
    What’s the difference between spirit guides and the “highest self?” How can we tell if it’s our spirit guides talking or our intuition?
    Although there’s a lot of talk about the ‘Higher Self’ in contemporary New Age and spiritual self development, the idea of the ‘highest self’ is actually a relatively new idea from Helena Blavatksy, the founder of the Theosophical Society in the 19th century. Blavatsky understood the Higher Self as the version of ourselves that is in touch with the Truth of the Universe, that is not encumbered by human concerns and distractions such as fear, or greed; envy or anxiety. In this way, one can understand the Higher Self as that integral part of oneself that is a shard of the Divine itself. The Higher Self therefore, has no need for Spirit Guides.
    Some people prefer the idea of gaining wisdom and guidance from their Higher Self, rather than Spirit Guides. This is a perfectly good way of understanding the Universe. Ultimately we must find a cosmology or understanding of the Universe that empowers us the most. If you feel that the idea of more external, distinct beings guiding you, allows you easier access to useful information and guidance, great. If you prefer the idea of tapping into your Higher Self for that same purpose, great too.
    Do our spirit guides always have our best interests at heart? Can we ask them to help us “manifest” certain things?
    Yes, and yes. Although generally our Spirit Guides are more concerned with our personal spiritual growth rather than helping us get the new Tesla (there are other beings that are better to employ for that). Our Spirit Guides are absolutely and always concerned with our best interests.
    How do we tune into what they are telling us? Will they send us signs if we don’t pay attention?
    By far the most powerful, effective (almost immediately effective) method to connect with Spirit Guides is to set aside a set time every day, and give them space to communicate. Yes, your Guides can communicate with you through all sorts of infinite forms – songs on the radio, numbers in car registrations; books that fall at your feet, but being a pragmatist, I’m looking to make things as easy as possible. The easiest and guaranteed to work way to connect with our Spirit Guides is through meditation. I teach a short course on this and it’s the most popular product I’ve ever made. In essence: set the intention to connect, dedicate time and space, write down what you receive whatever it may be. Repeat. If you really aren’t paying attention, your Spirit Guides will make shit happen so you start paying attention. There’s a reason there are so many memes about your Spirit Guides trying to get through to you!
    Are there ways to initiate connection with our spirit guides? Would this involve spells, practices and rituals or can it be as simple as summoning them via thought?
    You can summon anything at all in the Multiverse through thought. But communication, real dialogue where you get to ask questions and get answers requires more practice and space. Meditation is all it takes, and practice, and discipline. But it’s easy. Remember, your Guides are desperate to talk to you. I spent over 20 years relaying messages from people’s Spirit Guides to them through psychic readings, now I am focussed on teaching you how to connect with your Guides yourself.
    Book now with Dr Kate or learn more about her work through Void’s curated marketplace, Service Desk.

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