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    From regional town to big city, we speak to the engimatic artist about transitions and staying on the fringe, amidst her latest release 'Want it Bad'.
    15 MIN READ
    Where alchemy is: keeping up with the demands of darkness.
    7 MIN READ
    Some people fear change, but fluidity and nuance come as second nature to pop synthesiser Dorian Electra as they speak to VOID about the rewards of authenticity.
    12 MIN READ
    Naarm-based experimental project Squaring Circles talk transformational experiences, the act of dissolution in order to make room for newness and their latest release Circles Make Lines Spiral.
    39 MIN READ
    How the underworld deals with recession in middle American.
    10 MIN READ
    Sardinian-Australian artist Sannia speaks about her journey with Bipolar Type 2, and her journey from The Voice towards music that comforts.
    13 MIN READ
    The new-era pop vanguard Slayyyter takes VOID on a journey through her new album Starfucker.
    12 MIN READ
    Nothing ever happens in a sensible order anyway. A heart is never so rational. Desire is never an arrow that points straight.
    11 MIN READ
    Dutch born artist Mia Nicolai asks, is home a place or a feeling?
    Lessons about love: a boy, a bedroom and a smile I was taught.
    8 MIN READ
    Inside a three year long summer and Jai's latest solo EP, 'Make Me Understand'.
    20 MIN READ
    "This is the first room I came to in New York, and I never left".
    15 MIN READ